Actor appreciation — DJ Qualls

I’ve seen DJ Qualls in a lot of TV series and always kinda liked his goofy face, but I really started to appreciate him as an actor when I watched the first season of Legit. That guy can literally play anything! I was reminded of that when I saw him on last week’s episode of Perception.

Most of you might know him from Road Trip, but over the last few years he made guest appearances in so many series that I felt the need to make a list.

Perception, as Agent Rudy Fleckner
2013 – 2014

Supernatural, as Garth Fitzgerald IV
2011 – 2014

Legit, as Billy Nugent
2013 – 2014

Memphis Beat, as Davey Sutton
2010 – 2011

Breaking Bad, as Getz

The Big Bang Theory, as Toby Loobenfeld

My Name Is Earl, Ray-Ray
OMG, I’m totally freaking out right now. Just when I saw this photo I realized that his TV wife in My Name Is Earl is Tamala JonesLanie from Castle. ❤

Numb3rs, as Anthony Braxton
DJ Qualls in Numb3rs

Lost, as Johnny

Scrubs, as Josh


4 thoughts on “Actor appreciation — DJ Qualls

  1. olivesunshine91 says:

    Ah, DJ Qualls -he really has a goofy face 😀
    I just counted the series above – I’ve seen five of these scenes with him. But you’re right, I first met him in “Roadtrip” – a hilarious movie 😛

    • Except for Memphis Beat I’ve seen him in all of them. OMG I’m such an addict. I’m currently putting together a list of all TV series I’ve watched so far and my watchlist… Be prepared! 😉

      • olivesunshine91 says:

        I’ve seen the list… oh my goodness 😀
        Btw: The movie I was talking to you about earlier is called “The New Guy” – DJ Qualls plays the main character. And it’s one of those typical sunday movies 😉

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