Greatest series of all time

1. The Big Bang Theory
The funniest TV series for me.

2. Breaking Bad

3. Sons of Anarchy — post will follow

4. Doctor Who — post will follow

5. The Walking Dead
It’s got zombies, death and drama. I always miss the zombie smashing when it’s not on.

6. Modern Family
One of the most teaching series concerning life and family and funny as hell.

7. Firefly

8. That ’70s Show
This show is a classic and most of you have probably seen at least a few episodes on TV some years ago, but I definitely recommend watching the whole series. Plus: a lot of guest stars you know from other series.

9. Family Guy
Sometimes it seems like pure randomness and it has a very dark humor, but so do I and therefore laugh my ass off every time. Definite favorite: the one where Stewie is afraid of Queen.

10. Parks and Recreation
A crazy bunch of colleagues, one crazier than the other. Choosing a favorite character is nearly impossible for me and the friendship between Leslie and Ann is just so cute.


3 thoughts on “Greatest series of all time

  1. olivesunshine91 says:

    Awesome list! I agree with you on nearly all of those series – especially “The Big Bang Theory”, “Doctor Who”, “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”.
    But – as you surely know – my No. 1 series would be “Game of Thrones” 😉

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