TV series — Vikings

I’m not much of a history person, so I was really surprised how fast Vikings sucked me in. The series is essentially about the history of the vikings, but the story is brought to life in such an interesting and thrilling way. The main goal of the vikings during the series is raiding England. But the makers also give you a detailed insight into the lifestyle, beliefs and practices of those northmen. There are lots of characters and every single one of them undergoes substantial changes. It’s hard to say anymore about the series without spoilering a lot of unexpected turns, so I just highly recommend watching it.

Genre: Historical drama, Action
Channel: History Channel
Running time: 45 min

© History

I love it because: how the actors talk in their roles (especially Ragnar and Floki) — it definitely adds a new level to the series, topless men fighting, how the vikings deal with other religions, it makes history come alive.

Favorite character: Ragnar, of course. How could I say anything else… This character has so many shades and becomes so complex and influenced by a variety of stuff in season 2 that you never know what he’s going to do next or what he really thinks, for that matter. Also, I like the manly, i.e. bearded, version of Travis Fimmel very much.

You might enjoy it if you liked: Game of Thrones, Rome, Spartacus, The Tudors


Source: effyeahvikings on tumblr


Recurring cast:

In the next few days there will also be a guest post from TheHistorian, my blogless history-studying boyfriend, about the background of vikings and the the real-world equivalents of the series’ characters.


3 thoughts on “TV series — Vikings

    • Well, they got a Skarsgård, how could it be bad? But seriously, everybody loves his role.

      BTW: I’d really like a post about your current watchlist, I’ve been trying to get mine together for the last few days and after the easter holidays one item already got crossed out — Orphan Black. I highly recommend it if you watched and liked Weeds.

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