5 Books for 2014

Since I will need more time to finish my post about Parks and Recreation I’ll first answer this blog boomerang I caught from filmschrott. I’m supposed to list 5 books I want to read in 2014.

1. Parcours — Existenzgründung für Designer
Parcours — Setting up business for designers
by Sophia Muckle, 2009

Some parts of self-employment still are untouched terrain for me and I need to change that in order to get my design agency to the future I want for it.

2. Origami Wohndesign
Origami living design
by Armin Täubner, 2013

I’m totally into Origami. The folds have to be so tiny sometimes it almost drives me mad, but that’s alright. So far I’ve folded lots of cranes and X-wing fighters and am excited to make lamps and all kinds of other stuff out of paper.

3. Nachhaltige Suchmaschinen-Optimierung
Sustainable search engine optimization
by Thorsten Schneider, 2013

It seems to be one of the best books concerning the topic of SEO and you can always learn something about that if you’re a coder.

4. Steve Jobs — Die autorisierte Biografie des Apple-Gründers
Steve Jobs — The authorized biography of the Apple founder
by Walter Isaacson, 2012

Unlike most other designers I’m not a total Apple whore, but I got this book from my future brother-in-law and enjoy finding out how people got to where they ended up. I already read some of it and although Steve Jobs was a very difficult person to deal with I admire his gut instincts and free spirit.

5. The Walking Dead Paperbacks
by Robert Kirkman, 2006

Technically these may not be books, but they’re hard cover and I definitely want to read them after discovering that lots of characters have different fates than in the TV series, e.g. the two little girls I don’t want to spoiler anyone about (you’ll know who I mean if you’ve seen it) are twin brothers in the comics and Carl is the one playing Carol’s role regarding this plot. Badass!

That’s my list of design books because this blog is about design. My general list features topics like daily questions, intellectual giftedness and philosophy.
To also answer this boomerang I nominate:


7 thoughts on “5 Books for 2014

  1. Einige Sachbücher, aber durchaus interessant. Origami finde ich ja auch ziemlich cool, kann da aber gar nix von. Ich kriegs noch nicht mal gebacken, einen Papierflieger zu falten, der dann auch wirklich fliegt.

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