Top 10 childhood TV series

Ka-Ching! Another blog boomerang from pieces of emotions hit me and I had so much fun completing my Top 10. This time everyone who reads it is asked to list the favorite TV series from their childhood:

1. Dinosaurs
Die Dinos
1991 – 1994

They tackled a remarkable number of educational topics without you even knowing it, like drug abuse, censorship and racism. Although I haven’t seen it for a lot of years, I still recall every single line of every episode.

2. Löwenzahn
1981 – today

A german TV series that teaches their viewers things about the world in a unusual, but charming way. The “moderator” lives in a construction trailer featuring a bed under the ceiling with direct view of the sky and an outdoor chair-staircase. There’s also the stereotypically German neighbour, who disapproves of germs and alternative lifestyle.

3. The Real Ghostbusters
1986 – 1991

Apart from 4 guys running through New York City to catch monsters with their energy streams — which is pretty amazing — I love-hated Slimer veeery much.
Don’t cross the streams!

4. Die Sendung mit der Maus
1971 – today

Another great success of German television. You get to see how everyday objects like toothpaste or bells are made and after each segment there is a short cartoon featuring the mouse, the elephant and sometimes even the duck.

5. The Flintstones
Familie Feuerstein
1960 – 1966

They used animals as household appliances, for God’s sake! 😀

6. Darkwing Duck
1991 – 1995

This item stands for all the animated series similar to this one: DuckTales, Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin (Käpt’n Balu und seine tollkühne Crew) and many others. I liked all of them equally.

7. Schloss Einstein
1998 – 2007

At the threshold between childhood and teenager this was my favourite TV show. It adressed the exact problems me any my friends had at the time and gave some good advice to us. But only the Seelitz years…

8. The Tribe
1999 – 2003

A bunch of teenagers in a world without adults who get confronted with everything from pregnancies to gang-struggles and technology, and it was amazing!

9. Alfred J. Kwak
1989 – 1991

There was this friendly little yellow duck, his black duck girlfriend and his big enemy, a half-crow, and it was about friendship and crime and stuff (as a child I definitely did not get the NSDAP reference). I even had plushies of the characters.

10. Pinky and the Brain
1995 – 1998

The insane efforts of 2 laboratory mice to gain world domination were so entertaining and amusing, my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without them. Even in grammar school there were daily references to the show by my best friend and me.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 childhood TV series

  1. olivesunshine91 says:

    “What do you wanna do tonight?”
    “Same thing we do every night – we’ll try to take over the world!”

    Pinky & the Brain are so funny! 😀

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