What to expect in summer TV 2014

After my kind of depressing last post on TV series here comes a happy one with the dates for returning and new shows.

Crossbones (new series)
Friday, May 30th, NBC
Pirates, John Malkovich, and therefore worth a try.

Defiance (season 2)
Thursday, June 19th, Syfy
Between the two seasons 5 minisodes titled The Lost Ones were shown on syfy.com (watch on youtube).

Doctor Who (season 8)
Saturday, August 23rd, BBC
The first one with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor! *eek*

Falling Skies (season 4)
Sunday, June 22nd, TNT

Masters of Sex (season 2)
Sunday, July 13th

Orange Is the New Black (season 2)
Fr, June 6th, Netflix

Perception (season 3)
Tuesday, June 17th, TNT

The Last Ship (new series)
Sunday, June 22nd, TNT
A post-apocalyptic drama featuring Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane, that is also produced by Michael Bay? Sold!

The Wil Wheaton Project (new series)
Tuesday, May 27th, Syfy
Wil Wheaton will discuss science fiction film, television and pop culture, video games, viral videos and news. Could be interesting.

True Blood (final season [7])
Sunday, June 22nd, HBO

Under the Dome (season 2)
Monday, June 30th, CBS

Wilfred (final season [4])
Wednesday, June 25th, FXX

These are only the ones I will watch. Of course a lot more shows will return, e.g. Suits, Beauty and the Beast, Longmire and Royal Pains.

You can find the full list of new summer TV shows at tvguide.com.


3 thoughts on “What to expect in summer TV 2014

  1. Wait a minute. Michael Bay makes a TV-Show? So, he can blow up more stuff every 5 minutes, or what is the plan there?

    Will check out Crossbones and can’t wait for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black. Crazy Chicks in jail seems to be just my thing. Really enjoyed season 1.

    • I’m a bit worried about Michael Bay as a producer, too. But maybe it works out for the best, I mean it is a post-apocalyptic scenario…

      Orange Is The New Black’s second season can only be amazing! The finale of season 1 and the new promos were pretty promising.

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