Summer TV 2014

My thoughts concerning the new and returned summer TV series:

Crossbones (new series)
The first 2 episodes were okay, John Malkovich was as great as expected, but somehow I can’t convince myself to watch episode 3.

The Last Ship (new series)
This show is absolutely awesome. A global pandemic has already extinguished more than half of the world’s population. The crew of the USS Nathan James, a guided missile destroyer, tries to find a cure and faces incredible obstacles in every single episode. There’s not too much action in The Last Ship, which some of you might have feared, an appropriate amount of military stuff and a great dynamic between the main characters (played by Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin).

The Wil Wheaton Project (new series)
If you’re into TV and nerd culture, especially Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy, a peek into Wil Wheaton’s new show can only entertain you. I only wish it were longer than 20 minutes…

Defiance (season 2)
Solid. I’m excited to see what else will happen at House Casti and what Irisa’s recent actions are all about.

Falling Skies (season 4)
One of my new favourites. Consistently great. The show follows Tom Mason and both his blood-related and military familiy fighting a global invasion by extraterrestrials.

Masters of Sex (season 2)
Only 4 episodes have been aired yet, but they couldn’t quite hold up to season 1 in my opinion. An advice for the German audience: please watch it in English, the German sync for Virginia, one of the lead characters, is horrible and completely destroys important parts of her character.

Orange Is the New Black (season 2)
Just as good as the first season.

Perception (season 3)
Perception just gets better and better and it’s a shame only few people seem to know it. It always makes you think about what the protagonist, Dr. Daniel Pierce — a brilliant schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist who teaches at the Chicago Lake Michigan University and is also an expert consultant for the FBI — experiences and says.

True Blood (final season [7])
Somehow it feels True Blood lost it’s magic. After watching episode 7 out of 10 I’m really disappointed. That episode felt like a filler and like someone made the writers bring back characters from previous seasons for no good reason. The Bon Temps spirit is down, people.

Under the Dome (season 2)
I was pretty sceptical about season 2 since the series originally was planned as a one-season show and I thought that maybe they couldn’t make enough stuff up to fill another one to my satisfaction. But, and I’m glad to say this, I was completely wrong. Having the people of Chester’s Mill face another level of choices and mystery made the series really take up speed.

Wilfred (final season [4])
There are no words for this. This whole Krungle thing just weirded it up further, but I still love it.


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