The name of my blog might seem showy to you, but it’s how I feel every day, because at the moment it totally looks like I have it all. I’m 26 years old, work as a designer and programmer and live in one of the rainiest cities in Germany, but that’s ok. My boyfriend and I have a small design agency and always come up with new ideas. I’m constantly working on these projects and myself and it’s the most satisfying thing I can imagine.

Mainly I will write about TV series because it’s my biggest hobby. I’ve watched and am watching so many of them that I’d absolutely call myself an addict. Maybe I’ll share a list some time soon with all the series I watched, so you can judge for yourself. I hope to inspire some of you to add these amazing shows to your personal watchlist and try to give you a detailed insight as to why I think they are that great.

I will also post tutorials concerning my current coding process. Since I taught myself coding by googling I read a lot of tutorials and think I can write some good ones too.

When it comes to design there will probably be lots of links to inspirational content, but I’m also thinking about doing a Photoshop 101.

Fun fact: the name “Happiest Nerd in Town” is also influenced by two songs: Happy by Pharrell Williams and Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. They’re so catchy, I just can’t get them out of my head.


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